Do detox drinks cleanse your system and take THC out of your bloodstream?

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Question by LoveXsick101: Do detox drinks cleanse your system and take THC out of your bloodstream?
The last time I smoked was about 2 weeks ago, and it was like one bowl. I’ve smoked about 3 or 4 time this month. I bought a detox drink that I drink an hour before hand. But when I went to the doctors they wanted to have a blood test and urine test. Would the detox drink cleanse my bloodstream as well as the rest of my system? I took the test yesterday, and before the urine test I drank about 1 and half water bottles and peed 2 times. They asked for the Urine but since I couldn’t pee they gave me another water bottle to drink. Is that enough to flush it out of my system? Also, the doctor said she was gonna do a blood test for everything, just to see if there were any biological problems, (…) but do you think the thc would pop up on the tests?

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Answer by NEoN
The only reliable way to beat a drug test is to not take drugs.

Typically, those detox drinks just temporarily cover up the amount of illicit substances in your urine. They don’t actually remove anything. And they are incredibly unreliable. I’m not sure how well they work for blood tests, but I wouldn’t expect them to at all.

Stating that you last smoked pot 2 weeks ago doesn’t mean anything because it builds up in your body, so that if you smoked regularly before two weeks ago it will take longer to expel from your body than if you only smoked once in your life two weeks ago. As well, it’s largely dependent on a bunch of other metabolic factors and there’s no way to gauge from this short question.

If they’re pulling blood for “biological problems” I wouldn’t expect them to test it for drugs, though they could. Doctors don’t usually lie, telling you they’re doing one thing when they’re doing another.

If you want to pass a drug test you have to stop smoking pot.

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  1. Michael says:

    Those “detox” products are a huge waste of your money! All that will happen is that your urine is going to be diluted, and is going to contain evidence of that detox drink, both of which give evidence that you are trying to hide something! Urine tests are now extremely sensitive, and will detect THC, as well as traces of the detox drink, and any other drugs you have recently used. The supposed detox doesn’t work on your bloodstream, only on your urinary tract. So, your blood test WILL show ANY drugs that you’ve recently used, regardless of anything that you’ve taken to “detox” because these simply do NOT work! Please quit wasting your money on ANY of these products because they simply do NOT work at cleaning out evidence of use, and do NOT mask evidence of use! Also, that expensive shampoo that they sell that supposedly will let you pass a hair drug test really doesn’t do anything, except clean your hair! You just need to quit living in fear of being caught, and you’re eventually going to be caught, and it could very well be by law enforcement, then you’ll have a record that will haunt you, and quit using weed, or ANY other illicit drugs! Get clean before drugs take over your life, and destroy your future! Good luck, and God bless!

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