Q&A: How to get rid of sodium from the body?

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Question by Thomas: How to get rid of sodium from the body?
I just ate Chicken w/Broccoli and white rice A.K.A Chinese Sodium Attack and I’m a little worried about if I’m going to gain weight (Hoping to lose a bit) due to the water weight of all the salt. My first initiative is to do 45 minutes of exercise biking indoors because that’s a good fat burner, but how can I detox myself of all this sodium I must have had? I think drinking water will help but I have no idea. Help ASAP. (:

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Answer by Lawrence
You cant just get rid of sodium from your body since its an essential element to transport electrical signals through the nervous system to the muscles.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: How to get rid of sodium from the body?”
  1. Lily says:

    Drink A LOT of water. :) you should really drink 8-10 glasses dailey. It also keeps your skin really nice!

  2. ღLovaticღ says:

    Yeah drinking water will kind of help. It’s just that the salt will retain the water if you don’t drink enough of water already. To avoid this worry drink 8 glasses of water every day. 3 in the morning 3 after lunch and 2 at night( not before bed because your bladder will disturb your sleep)

  3. Nona says:

    You’re exactly right. The best way to get rid of sodium in the body is to drink lots of water. Get a good water bottle and keep it with you at all times (in your backpack, on your desk at work, near the TV at home). I have several that I keep in places like I listed above.

    If you drink tea or coffee these are diuretics which means they gets rid of excess water in the body (that’s why you pee more when you drink these two things). You may want to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and also have a daily glass of tea or coffee.

  4. healthviainfo says:

    You can’t just get rid of it. I wouldnt worry about it too much, just try to limit your salt intake.

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