Q&A: Quickest way to detox THC from your system?

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Question by Sean: Quickest way to detox THC from your system?
I am not being drug tested or anything, I just want to quit abusing marijuana, and quit for good. I figured if the THC is out of my system quickly, then the lingering effects; clouded head, unproductive, and general laziness will be cleared as well. I’ve tried quitting before, but as usual my rationalization and cravings made cave. My main concern is, what is the quickest way to detox the human body of THC?

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Answer by Dalton
A detox kit, they’re expensive and only last for a certain amount of time, but they work. You can get one online and maybe at a drugstore.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: Quickest way to detox THC from your system?”
  1. MightyMeatPizza says:

    Blood, sweat, and beer.

    Worked for me. Then gradually cut down on the beer.

    It was easy-ish for me as I’d begun to develop a very high tolerance, and couldn’t get past buzzed anymore. Not to mention I needed to quit for productivity reasons.

    This was 3 years ago. I haven’t smoked since, but I have found love in beer and pizza. Suprisingly, I haven’t gained more than 8 lbs since then.

  2. Martin says:

    Use detox, it’s fast and guaranteed product to clean your system. Just choose and buy right detox products according which drug test urine, saliva or blood you need to pass. Detox products are harmless. They are based on alternative or herbal methods of flushing toxins from your body, they consist of only natural ingredients. You can buy the drug testing kits to check yourself.

    If you wish to pass the drug test without cleaning your system asap then read the article mentioned below: http://bigbudsmag.com/lifestyle/article/can-medical-marijuana-users-beat-drug-testing-february-2012

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